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“Brian is a seasoned marketing professional with expertise in all aspects of marketing. He particularly understands both direct and channel marketing and can develop, deploy and optimize email and web-based campaigns to increase and optimize customer and reseller mindshare. He is also able to contribute to and/or deliver on most marketing communication initiatives. I enjoy working with Brian. He is a team player and fits in well with sales as well as other areas of the company.”

Kathleen Kelly
President, CEO, Chairman


“Brian has been a driving force behind WGM’s efforts with digital marketing and media. Brian can not only provide the architecture of program but can match that with equal expertise in content development and creative materials. Brian has allowed us to effectively implement marketing campaigns and utilize digital media without the budget of large company. I highly recommend that you ask Brian how he can help you achieve more with your marketing budget.”

Chuck Matthews
WGM Holdings LLC


“I consider Brian our Director of Marketing at Digital. We have used his services for almost every requirement, and our expectations have always been exceeded. I would recommend Brian to any business looking for cost effective and impactful marketing services. Please contact me directly if you would like more information.”

Jeff Beall
Digital Commercial Systems


“I value the experience working with Brian … His creativity and out of the box approach to channel marketing always brought us great results. He defined and executed campaigns that got real world results for my team – always within the sometimes restrictive marketing rules for my managed partner. His lead campaigns generated not only interest, but actionable leads with a greater ROI than other sources. It has always been a real pleasure collaborating with Brian on a daily basis.”

John Gunn
Business Development Manager
Insight Enterprises


“People who know me know that I don’t say things like this about many people, but Brian impresses me tremendously with his attention to detail and his commitment to quality in the work he does. Seldom do I receive the volume and detail of excellent feedback that I do from Brian. He makes the job of everyone working around him much easier and yet much more enjoyably challenging. And, equally rare in most marketers, he truly knows the IT channel! I look forward to our next project together.”

Howard M. Cohen
Senior Resultant
HMC Corporate Copywriting & Consulting


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